Goal Setting With NLP

Success Guru Brian Tracy teaches that success belongs to those who can set and achieve goals. If you have written goals, the chance of you succeeding in life triples.

Once you have written down your goals, you can then design a plan to get there. Analysing our pathway to the achievement of a written goal requires a model for examining obstacles. NLP has a very well-developed tool for this called the SCORE Model.

So to start off this lesson, we are going to begin with setting SMART Goals, then we will follow up with Goal Analysis using the NLP SCORE Model.

So let’s begin.

Lesson #1: Envisioning a SMART Goal

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

Specific: The goal is clearly envisioned. You can see the specific details.
Measurable: The goal is quantifiable. You can count whether you are succeeding at it or not.
Achievable: The goal is within your reach and do-able to you. It is not too far beyond what you are capable of.
Realistic: The goal is do-able within the current constraints of your reality and environment. Is the goal realistic enough to be conducted within your current reality and environmental limitations?
Timely: Is it the right time to be performing this goal? Does the timing of events support your goal’s achievement?

For example: I wish to be a millionaire in 5 years time by e-commerce drop shipping and running my own online store.

I wish to be a millionaire (specific, measurable) in 5 years time (time-bound) by e-commerce drop shipping (realistic) and running my own online store (achievable).

Another example: I will shed 20 KG (specific, measurable) in three months (time-bound) after consuming Ageloc TR90 Weightloss Consumables (realistic) and exercising at the gym thrice a week (achievable).

Third example: I will pass my ACLP Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance Course with flying colours by daily study of 3 hours in mindful concentration.

Goal Setting requires Visioning. You need to visualise and see the goal’s outcome clearly in your mind’s eye. Try now: close your eyes and visualise succeeding at the goal in your mind.

Now that you can see the picture of success clearly in your envisioning, it’s time to create a pathway towards the achievement of your goal. To do this, we will use the NLP SCORE Model.

Lesson #2: SCORE a Goal.

SCORE stands for:

Basically, using the SCORE, you will examine the pathway toward the achievement of your goal, like how a doctor would analyze a patient. Use a pen and paper for this. Or an iPad with an Apple Pencil for drawing.

Symptom: What are the signs that there are problems or obstacles on the way to achieving your goals? For example, medical symptoms like red spots. In goal setting, symptoms can be things like feeling low confidence or a sense of hopelessness; being fat or flubby when you look in the mirror; feeling poor or running out of cash. These symptoms can be the triggers that signify you need a change.

Cause: What are the underlying causes for the symptoms? For example, the cause of red spots could be acne bacteria, measles, mumps etc. So likewise, the cause for feeling low confidence and hopelessness could be a childhood event in your past… a memory of being abandoned as a child. The underlying cause for excess body fat could be a love for fatty foods combined with long hours of sleeping. The underlying cause for running out of cash could be having to support a family of 12 on one person’s income. Knowing the cause for a symptom is the key to curing the problem.

Outcome: The outcome is the goal you have in mind. Based on the problem you are facing, what is the outcome you wish to achieve? The goal you have in mind. Visualise it. By setting the outcome, the obstacles to your goal will become apparent. You will be able to see what is blocking you from achieving your goal. Write down the names of these obstacles. Lay it out on a timeline. Show the obstacles you need to break through to achieve your goal.

Resource: A resource is the solution you will use to breakthrough an obstacle. Like anti-acne cream for fighting off pimples. TR90 Ageloc System for losing weight. A seminar on eCommerce Drop-shipping to make money. A gym membership to build your muscle and shape. These resources help you overcome your obstacles. You need to think and search for these solutions to help you overcome your problems. On the timeline, you write these resources next to the problem obstacles to note them as your solutions for breakthrough.

Effect: An effect is what happens when you apply the resource solution to the problem obstacle. The goal here is to evaluate the effectiveness of the solution you apply to the problem. One powerful way to evaluate effects is by drawing Systems Thinking diagrams made of causal loops and arrows. Research the topic ‘Systems Thinking’ on a Google Search.

The diagram maps the relations of weight-loss to diet and exercise. Eating healthier, combined with regular exercise, will push down your weight. The results you see in the mirror and on the weighing scale will give you the motivation to visit the gym more often and the motivation to consume your weight loss supplements and foods with discipline. The effect of this is a fast slimming to your ideal body shape.

Setting Your Goals
In review, what you have seen above is the way set and analyse your goals. The output you should have at the end of your brainstorming session is a SMART Goal, a Timeline with a SCORE Model, and a Systems Diagram for evaluating effects.

With your goals clearly stated and diagramed on a timeline, you have a rough plan you can use to overcome your challenges. Keep these diagrams on your iPad or in a Notebook. And use extra pages to write out a more detailed plan with action tasks planned out and placed on a To-Do list.

Measuring Progress and Correcting Course
Once you have written out your goal and drafted your plan, you need to measure progress towards your goal daily. You need to see if there is anything you should be doing differently to progress success at achieving your goal. This is where having a measurable goal is good. You can count whether you are making progress because you have a quantifiable goal like a plan to lose 20 KG in 3 months of diet, exercise, and slimming supplements. You can also correct course by taking up aerobics rather than weight-lifting (anaerobic) to burn fats faster rather than build bulk.

In achieving a goal, we may need to make many course corrections as new information becomes available and more accurate techniques are discovered.

Work on your goals like you are working on a professional project. Do analysis, do research, do charting and diagramming. May you reap the benefits of SMART Goal Setting and SCORE Your Goal.

Lance Ong
Master Trainer Of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

P.S. One day… I will come back and develop this website. Write for the NLP Community. Develop NLP.


Happiness is a State of Mind.

Many of us are living day-to-day in a dull or draggy situation. We would like to be happy, but there is this heaviness and burden upon our back, neck, and chest. It feels like a spell has been cast upon our body chakras and binded into the muscle. How can we get rid of that heaviness and feel happier, healthier, and more hopeful?

Solution #1: Yoga
This mind-body exercise is what you need to activate and clear those stuck body chakras. Your breathing is an important tool for clearing the chakras. So are all the major postures. They have magic to do mind-body healing and alignment.

Solution #2: Meditation
This is where you use the power of the mind to move the body chakras. Especially important are the Mudras or hand postures. They are the magic that channel the energies of your body in healing and transforming functions.

Solution #3: NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Therapeutic NLP can heal the psychosomatic pains in the body. Sometimes energies like sadness, worry, fear, can be trapped in the body’s nerve and muscle tissue. This is especially true around the back and neck areas. Seeing an NLP Therapist can relieve much grief and pain from the body system.

Solution 4#: Bodywork Healing
Energy Healers like Sri Mulyadi of The Blue Lotus have the ability to release painful energies stuck in our human bodies. Just one touch upon the body area where the energy is jammed up, can cause the patient to cry as the psychosomatic pain is released.

Solution #5: Religious Prayer
Churches, Temples, Mosques, Synagogues have magic powers too. Weekly prayer at your religious organisation is what you need to maintain a healthy psychology and good luck. It is very fortunate to talk to God, His Angels, Buddha, Allah, Taoist Deities, and the Hindu Gods. Pray Aloud so they can hear you. Visit them weekly to update them on your life progress. They are interested in helping you. If you have body aches and pains, tell the Gods as well. They can guide you to your healing.

Solution #6: McDonalds Happy Meals
There is some magic to McDonald’s Meals. Eating burgers, nuggets, wraps, and fries at their restaurant can actually make you happy. That, in addition to an ice-cold Coke.

How to make your McDonalds Meal release happiness: You just speak aloud to your McDonalds Meal before you eat it. Say: “McDonalds, I would like to feel happy from eating this meal. Thank you.” Then have your fries and enjoy the McDonald’s Magic.

Life Philosophy
This world we live in is a hard world. If you are going to live through all these hard times, you might as well live it with happiness, hope, and gratitude in your heart, body, and mind. Happiness is a state of mind. And it is something that can be turned on in an instant. You can activate it now. Try this Psychodynamics Exercise: Think of 5 things you can do to achieve your dream goal. Write it down.

When you have written down 5 things you can do to achieve your dream goal, you have created a Path or a Journey you can take to reach your destination. Looking at this Journey you’ll be on, you can feel that sense of hope and happiness. Somehow your chest and back will feel lighter and free-er. Your neck and head can feel lighter and happier.

You need your own body’s spirits’ permission to feel happy and hopeful. Guardian Spirits have the ability to bless you happy and hopeful in an instant. Hope is when you are expecting success from your endeavours. Hope is a precious feeling to have. It can drive you toward the achievement of your goals. Happiness, on the other hand, can be felt in the present moment and helps you feel better while performing the tasks you are working on.

If you are going to live in this hard world, you might as well do it being happy and hopeful. These are two mindsets you can build into yourself. Try reading a book on happiness. It is a very well-documented topic now. There are many books on the subject, written by authors in the lines of Positive Psychology and Mindfulness.

Use the 6 solutions above to lead you out of a dull-draggy burdened feeling. Heal your body to make it lighter and happier; full of zest for life. Have a McDonalds Meal to celebrate your success. And remember me, your friend, who told you all this. Friend, may you have a happy and beautiful life.


Life is a Money-making Game.

If you’ve ever had trouble with making ends meet, you know the frustrations of the money game.

Sometimes it’s hard to even get a job, or sometimes even to stay employed. But what we all need is that stable, good job that gives us the financial sustenance we need to raise our families and care for our elders.

Some of us who can play the money-making game well, have businesses that are systematised, and employ workers to operate the business. This is another level of thought and experience uncommon to normal people — the strategic thinking of a business owner.

If you feel you have not succeeded at the money-making game, do not fret. It can be a tricky and challenging game where you need to rely on your basics to succeed.

For example: Study hard, get your degree, and find a good comfortable job. Try to get promoted. Build up your nest egg. Accumulate $1 Million in 20 years.

Getting selected for a job is a friend-bring-friend activity. This is known as ‘The Hidden Job Market’ — a term coined by Theebhan Raja — where you need to depend on your connections and relations to get hired for a job. Think of an office as a “family” of workers. You need to ‘fit in’ to their system to be hired for their job. That includes getting along well with office colleagues. So, try knowing the people behind the curtains of the business when you apply for your job.

If you have children that need university fees, take an education loan. And allow your children to work and pay it back when they reach the working world.

If you are looking for a job, you can utilise the service of a headhunter firm that can get you placed at an SME Small-Medium Enterprise for a fee of one month of your new salary. Otherwise, you can download these job search applications on your smartphone and write in with your resume to apply for work.

Overall, in the money-making game of life, we need to think about how to increase the amount of money we are accumulating in our bank account. We need to make a study of these money-earning strategies. Borrow a book or listen to some audiobooks or attend a seminar?

Don’t let the frustration of not making money get to you. Usually you will find the depression coming from your heart or from your back, pressing you down or making you feel frustrated.

Simply tell yourself: it’s a money-making game. I can succeed at it. I have options: bank loans, further academic education, reading success books, attending seminars and quick certification courses; job search applications, seeking a mentor, teaming up with friends to start a new business — remember, it is a money-making game. There are many ways you can cut it.

In Singapore, we have WTS Workfare Training Scheme where persons above 35 years of age can receive a Government Grant for further education in approved SkillsFuture Courses. These are usually Diploma or Certification Courses which will help in getting you employed.

So my friend, don’t worry if you are not making money yet. Use some of these ideas to get you started. Give yourself the feeling of confidence that you are on the right path. The road to making money is a journey. Allow yourself to feel that feeling of relief and happiness in your spine, knowing that you are taking the right steps to succeed.

If you have any questions, do write me in the comments box below. I will try to answer you personally.

Well, that’s all for now, folks. Be happy making money.


Creating a Life Worth Living.

With the routine that we face day-to-day, we wonder whether there is any greater purpose to our life beyond the 9-to-5 grind.

Many people do not have the luxury of considering their life’s purpose. Daily survival needs cloud their concerns.

But for the rest of us who have the comforts of a job. We are left to ponder this great question: “What are we here for?”

“Earning Maximum”

Perhaps we should make it our life purpose to earn as much money as we can.

人在天堂,钱在银行。”Man in heaven, money left behind in the bank.”

Encik: ‘I will give it to my children. They will need money to survive…’.

“I will give it to my children’s children!”